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DISCLAIMER – All parking is at the owner’s risk. The Five Parishes and Show organisers will accept no responsibility for loss or damage however sustained.
PHOTOGRAPHS – Please note that photographers will be in attendance at the show. Unless we are notified to the contrary, we will take it for granted that we have permission to use the photographs in our promotional material.
BLUE BADGE HOLDERS Please ask parking attendants for directions to disabled parking.
NO BADGE? – If you have not got a badge but have problems walking, please talk to the car parking team. Please do not struggle and spoil your afternoon, we will help you if we can.
PLEASE DRIVE CAREFULLY – There are many people walking around, and some may be walking into the show while you are driving out.
TOILETS – are situated on both sides of the road, with facilities for the disabled in the Barn Theatre, the church and the rectory.
DOGS – are welcomed provided they are kept on leads at all times.
Should you have any questions not answered here, please use our Contact form to send us your message.
Thank you, and may we wish you a very enjoyable time at the show.

Countess of Warwick’s Show

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